Guy I’d Fuck: Adam Faust

As my friend JTQ says, “Ohmygod i Luvvv Adam Faust. He’s so gorgeous…”

No. But seriously. I love Adam Faust. He’s a man. A sexy man at that. With a heart-shaped booty. And he has the sexiest tattoo.
He may just be one of my favorite gay porn stars. He’ll be a favorite of yours too, if you ever see that heart-shaped booty flex and release as he’s fucking some bottom.

Apparently, he thinks texting is like breathing.

We are like a match made in Cyber heaven.
*Texts this gay porn star and asks him to marry him*

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What is his name?Http://mytumblr.gaypornfanatic.comCutie with nice feet. Http://mytumblr.gaypornfanatic.comJuan Carlos, featured on MORE HERE: is this. He is gorgeous. Http://
  • Anonymous

    In real life, this dude is about as nelly as they come. Yuck.

  • Gay Porn Fanatic

    Doesn't make him less sexy.

  • ready2roll83

    I agree. So not less sexy. But I would more appreciate a manly man like this haha. Love me a hot ginger.

    • @gaypornfanatic

      I'm sure gingers make the world go round.