WATCH: Kurt Rogers Fucks A Hott Asian

This vid is hott because it features a Hott Asian. Not a skinny waify one.

A little muscle on a pretty asian face never did anyone wrong.

And before Kurt Rogers‘s clothes came off, I was like, that’s a hott butch man. But after Kurt Rogers‘s clothes came off, I said, “That’s Kurt Rogers.”

He has a really unique-looking dick, and a big, unique tattoo.

But watch this one because it is different.


Porn Stars:


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  • Anonymous

    PS3voyeur here. I noticed too. Usually asians are too skinny. Even if not muscle, but fat, I'd prefere them to be this size. Thanks for posting vid. Also I'm black, but speaking for the asains next I would like to see them top more. It's like their whole existance (in gay porm) is to please the white man and non-existant in stright porn. If I was asian I'd be sick of seeing my women with other races all the time but my fellow men never get some of another flavor, unless we're bent over and that other flavor is getting us. But one thing at a time. Size today top tomarrow. Again. thanks for vid.

  • Anonymous

    PS3voyeur again. Hope the above comment didn't affend any white people.

  • Gay Porn Fanatic

    i didn't know you were black.

  • den

    the rim scene is beautiful! damn!

  • Anonymous

    PS3voyeur here. Den's right. The rim scene was my favorite too.

  • Gay Porn Fanatic

    @Den: I'm glad you like. :-) Should I tag it for rimming?

  • Gay Porn Fanatic

    @PS3voyeur: I'm glad you like too. :-)You know I'm black too, right?

  • Anonymous

    PS3voyeur. Yeah, you mentioned it a few times in the comment section of other post. You know I actually read this stuff right. Most recently you said you didn't usually mess with a studio you posted a vid from because they didn't use blacks. Somebody said who cares as long as hot. You replied yeah I cause you're black. I felt both sides, more blacks but as long as their hot no complaints from me. On a different and unrelated topic what does ZOMG stand for? Really, I read the post and other's comment and saw someone use it.

  • Gay Porn Fanatic

    @PS3voyeur: sometimes I think you're the only one who does. Well you and VUCaliente. You should really get a twitter. you know that?But idk. Yes I agree with you; I feel both sides. If the porn is hot it's hot, but sometimes its nice to see some people of color on mainstream sites.and ZOMG basically means OMG. :-)

  • Acolyte

    Hehe, Korean Guy

  • Gay Porn Fanatic

    @Acolyte: do you approve of this Korean?

  • Dicksucka

    I approve of this korean. I wish all of them came like that. (no pun intended)

  • Gay Porn Fanatic

    @Dicksucka: Thanks. Did you rate it? And I really do wish they all came like that. Pun intended.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, is there a link for this video to the original page? May I have it? Thanks! Kurt Rogers, fucking hot as.

  • Gay Porn Fanatic

    Hi there. CLICK HERE for the original link to the vid. Let me know what else I can do to help. Are you a huge Kurt Rogers fan?