WATCH: Drunk Frat Brothers Have Rough Sex

I’m not gonna lie, I kinda need a fuck like this.

They were trying to say these were brothers, but one has a Scottish (Correct me if I’m wrong BP) accent and the other, obviously doesn’t. Maybe fraternity brothers.

And the one with the accent keeps looking outside to see if his girlfriend is coming.

But not gonna lie, sometimes you just need it rough like this. You’ll see.



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  • xxx

    ahhh! fraternity fucks! i remember years ago sleeping with a freaternity advisor in his room at the frat house. hot fuck! through him i met a student studying library science, and he and i spent many fucking good times in his dorm room.

  • Gay Porn Fanatic

    @xxx: Lucky stories. I don't have any like this though. Our fraternity advisor is ugly and married.Did you fuck in your friend's dorm room like this guy fucks his friend?

  • BP

    Don't know what to say about the accent – could have been Aussie? Not sure.Oh the pressure of being an accent expert and a sagittarian!! By the way I did get sent to piano lessons for 8? years – but not sure I have a talent for the keyboards like you say a sagittarian should!

  • Gay Porn Fanatic

    @BP: LOL. I'm sure he's an Aussie.But I'm an expert on American accents! It's just the fact that you don't write a blog and ask me about them. :-)And you're really not a Saggitarian. I'm displeased with you.

  • L.B.M

    I loved this on tube8…. downloaded it to my comp. It reminds me of all the "straight" guys that messed around with me. I love it rough!

  • Gay Porn Fanatic

    @L.B.M. I wish I could get a straight guy to mess with me! LOL. And who doesn't love it rough?