5.17.10 My Night at the Restaurant

Read about the…interesting experience I had at the mexican restaurant on Friday after the jump!

So you know I don’t write about my life too often (because it isn’t very interesting) but I thought this was too interesting on Friday.

It’s not porn or anything, so if you’ve come to jerk off…can’t help ya.

I wanted some Mexican food friday, and was willing to go with anyone. So I found one of my queer friends that I hadn’t talked to in over a year, and we went to a Mexican restaurant. I was afraid it was gonna be awkward, but we chatted it up, and it was nice. Was glad to see he had calmed down a little.


We’re drinking our margs, and all of a sudden gay coincidences start happening.
My friend thinks the host is cute (he’s on this no white boy phase right now), and we were both looking at the host, and the host caught us, and came over and asked if we needed anything.

We even saw one waiter elaborately rub another waiter’s back when they were both walking back to the kitchen.

From this point, it was obvious someone on the staff was talking about us. After that happened, three other waiters (who weren’t our waiter) came throughout the night and asked us if we needed anything. Our waiter also touched the back of my chair every time he would walk by.


And then, this gay from another table gets up to go to the bathroom, and as he’s on his way there, he makes eyes at me. And apparently he thought my friend was cute. Cause while he was in line for the restroom, he made eyes at my friend, and winked at him twice.

And I swear to Him. I swear to him. That as our waiter brought us the check, he said “besos”. I swear he did.

So this was my awkwardly interesting friday night. I’m so boring and porn makes my life interesting. haha.

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