Isaac Mazar Fucks Elias Sharif in This Gay Porn VIDEO


Are these two guys Israeli or Arabic?

Gay Porn Video | Isaac Mazar Fucks Elias Sharif | Cazzo Films

Isaac Mazar Fucks Elias Sharif in Cazzo Films’ Gay Porn Video

The one guy is wearing a Star of David necklace.

But people keep arguing over what he says at the end – some say it’s Arabic, some say it’s Hebrew.

The only reason I bring this up is because there’s nothing else to critique in this video. The fucking in this gay porn video is FLAWLESS. And it’s hott because they aren’t white.


Oh. I should Say that the Top is Isaac Mazar, and the bottom is Elias Sharif, and this film is called “Matchmaker” from Cazzo Films…

And thanks to an Anonymous reader from Egypt, the words at the end are Arabic. He says “A’teny Bosa” and that translates into “Give me a kiss”.

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  • Anonymous

    PS3voyeur here. Alright GPF, be careful. You used the term wasp in the Tim Nash post today, now in this post the sex is hot because their not white. It's your post and you have the freedom of speech, but you don't want to turn off too many people. Some people actually read this stuff. Not saying stop, but moderation. Also not criticizing you, but I would hate for your blog to be the next that I try to log onto one day and it's gone. This and naked kombat is all the gay sites I have left now.

  • Anonymous

    PS3voyeur again. Saw video and it was hot. Different subject, do you have any idea on how to contact the owner of pornagogo? I lover that site because it was about people all over sharing porn, gay dominated but straight too. A porn facebook if you will.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Gay Porn Fanatic,A week ago I was able to play the videos you post on this site. Now I can't play any of the videos on your site at all. Can you tell me what player should I use?Cheers,Nickgay

  • Gay Porn Fanatic

    @PS3voyeur: Yes I did use WASP, but not in a particularly derrogative way. And you know everything on this blog is in humor. :-)And my blog will not be going ANYWHERE soon. Once I get my bill situation in check, this blog will be even MORE dynamic!Get ready.

  • Gay Porn Fanatic

    I have no idea about how to contact the owner of pornagogo. They have a Twitter, but it wasnt updated regularly. But maybe you could start your own website like it?Granted you have the money and do it right.

  • Gay Porn Fanatic

    @NickGayMaybe you should update your flash?

  • geezer925

    i hate to burst your bubble, but the semitic races are caucasoid. They are the same as the Jewish race. Get a grip

  • Gay Porn Fanatic

    @geezer925 If you don't like my views, don't read my blog?

  • Gay Porn Fanatic

    And a blog is certainly not the right place to get technical.If you want to do that, maybe you should go read National Geographic.

  • Gay Porn Fanatic

    @geezer925 And you act like I don't act like white guys at all when the simple majority of this blog features white men.

  • geezer925

    you are so fucking quick to take offense. All i said was that they were white. I said nothing else, yet you stewed about it for almost half an hour!! What are you, twelve? As much as I am learning to dislike you, if I want to read your "blog" I will.Most of what you have is good; it's just your snotty attitude that sucks

  • Anonymous

    Hi from Egypt… crossed by your blog by coincidence, nice blog…The words in the end of the video are in Arabic… He says A'teny Bosa and that translates into "Give me a kiss"I appreciate your admiration of semetic men… I am middle Eastern and I love white men as well… it is common here to like the rare colored eyes lolthanks for the post.

  • Gay Porn Fanatic

    Ah thank you! I hope you decide to come back sometime. Let me know what you think!And thank you for letting me know what he says at the end. I appreciate it, and will update the post.And though I don't post enough, I love all types of men! A hot man is a hot man. But I'm not White…I'm African-American.