6.25.10 Battle of the Bisexual Boys!!

So I saw all these boys in wrestling singlets, and couldn’t pick just one! Which would you choose?

I mean they’re all equally hott, and look damn good with a boner in a wrestling singlet. As I think about writing this post, I also realize that they’re all bisexual.

But first up, we have Brandon Lewis!!

I Love Brandon Lewis. Nice guy, hott body, beautiful ass, and a smile that could give a whole city light after a storm. Which is why I was sad not to see that smile in these pics!

Other than that, I think his butt looks hotter than it ever has! And he always aims to please. This is no exception.


Next up is the next-to-bald-headed Rod Daily.

It’s odd. You usually see Rod Daily mean-mugging and Brandon Lewis cheesing, but today it’s different. Rod Daily is smiling up a storm!

Now I know Rod is either gay-for-pay or bi too. I know he’s been on Straight Guys for Gay Eyes before. But, just like Parker London, I don’t think he could ever give up the penis. I think he likes it and the attention too much.

Does anyone else agree that his head is a magnificent work of art?


And last, but certainly not least, we’ve Parker London.

If my memory serves me right, Parker London is most certainly the bisexual. He fools around with girls on Cody Cummings’s site, but he’s also a ravenous bottom who you can tell LOVES to get fucked on camera. And I love his masculine look. It’s just rugged enough without making you want to vom at the same time.

Have your look at him in his one-sie here!!


SO. Which of these boys would you choose? If you can’t decide just yet, you can see them in action tomorrow!

(Oh, and thanks to all my tweety friends for your help!!)

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  • Jorge

    Brandon Lewis is deffinately the best.

  • Gay Porn Fanatic

    @Jorge:Did you find it weird that he wasn't smiling, when that is arguably his best asset?

  • Anonymous

    PS3voyeur here. Rod Daily had the best ass. He also had best penis shot with that 2nd to last picture where you couldn't see the hook at the end. Face was a tie between him and Parker London.

  • Gay Porn Fanatic

    @PS3voyeur: Nice. Thanks for your input. I really can't decide who is best!