Drake Rock Fucks David Scott

This is a rare time when we actually see Drake Rock‘s face.

If you don’t know the story behind Drake Rock, it actually used to be a different person, and the person who is currently Drake Rock was just a videographer. The original Drake Rock encouraged said videographer to become more engaged in the process (I.E. Be in the films). And since he was straight, he was like…whaaaaaa?
But he did it.

Many of the scenes that feature Drake are like a video essay of him exploring the guy-on-guy side of his sexuality.

He has always wanted to fuck a guy off-camera, with no inhibitions, and when David Scott hit him up, he figured this was the closest he could get.

So this is Drake and David having a “Real Sex Hookup“.

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  • Dildo

    The guy sucking cock in the last pic reminds me of a guy I was seeing a little while ago. Hot.I'll have to give him a call, :)

  • Gay Porn Fanatic

    Did you call him up? How did it go?