WATCH: Father Fucks Future Son-In-Law

He just wanted to see if he liked cock more than vag. Can you blame him?

I don’t think I can. It’s like I say: “gotta try everything at least twice”.

Think about the first time you bottomed (if ever), and you’ll see what I’m getting at.

So I’m thinking…If you must try everything at least twice, do you think there’s a sequel to this video?

If you LOVE married men,


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  • Anonymous

    The foreplay was really convincing (as if the top was initially afraid of waking the bottom with his furtive caresses, and then later the passion igniting as they looked at each other in the eye before they start kissing and sucking) and the love making (especially the huge dick pounding the smooth ass) was truly enjoyable to watch. But I find the the directing or film cuts could be improved because there is not much variety in the filming angles for this show, and the acting in the climax and last scene where the top asks the bottom to leave the room is quite a let down.

  • Gay Porn Fanatic

    Thank you so much. I do like when people tell me they love or hate a post, but I love even more when they tell me WHY they like or hate something. If more people would tell me why they love or hate something, blogging would be SO much easier.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent! The bottom really wants to be fucked-love it

  • Gay Porn Fanatic

    Interesting. The first guy who posted didn't like it. Do you disagree with him?