Twitter Fight: Me, Trevor Knight, and Riley Price

So, last week, the nominations for the Cybersocket Web Awards came out.

I wasn’t going to endorse anyone, because I knew it would cause drama. But Riley Price sent me a Direct Message on Twitter asking me to vote for him, and then tweet about it. I thought, well couldn’t hurt, since he asked. And he DID do an interview for the blog. So I did to return a favor.

Have you guys voted for the Cybersocket web awards yet? I voted @RileyPriceRB for best Porn Star. Vote Here: than a minute ago via TweetDeck

I thought nothing of it, until I got this tweet in my ‘Mentions’ when I woke up the next morning:

@gaypornfanatic Have you guys voted for the Cybersocket web awards yet? I voted ((BLEEP)) for best Porn Star.RT REALLY..#UNFOLLOWless than a minute ago via HTC Peep

The thing is Trevor Knight really DID unfollow me.

In my opinion, I found it funny and kind of odd that someone would follow me based on one tweet, and one vote in a near-meaningless competition.
And I guess he doesn’t care that he is one of My Favorite Porn Stars, and the fact that his scene on 703 with Kurt Wild, where he makes Kurt say the ABCs as he’s giving head is my fave video of all time (and what turned me on to suite 703). But I guess some people care about popularity contests like this.

And I shouldn’t be surprised; Trevor does have a penchant for calling people out publicly. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here.

And I’ll say this: At least Riley is campaigning.

I guess it is another one of those times where we forget porn stars are people too, and behave like people.

Oh well. Can’t win em all I guess.

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  • @igotahugedick

    trevor knight is a bit of a douche on twitter in general. he's not real big on communicating with his fans. but, oh well… we can still appreciate his work.

  • Gay Porn Fanatic

    @igotahugedick:eh. He's not the only one. Chris Porter is the same. But what can you do but appreciate his work?