2.5.11 My Hard Drive Crashed. I Need YOUR help!


See how you can help me after the jump!

Like the post’s title says, my hard drive has crashed. TWICE. Once in December, and once in January.

The first time it crashed, and I lost everything. 3 years worth of data, since my Carbonite subscription ended (sidenote: if you don’t have Carbonite, get it. Or at least look into it. If you like it and want to get it, talk to me, I can send you an email to get you a free month).

So as soon as I got my new hard drive in December, I immediately got Carbonite, and went back to collecting links for hot pics and vids to show you guys.

But when my Hard drive crashed in January, I realized that Carbonite doesn’t save your Browser History (as in your Bookmarked links). I have since found that Google can save this data for you, and have turned this feature on. So while all my DATA is fine, I had lists of like 100 or so pics, and maybe 50 videos I wanted to look into posting, and now I have none.

So this is where I need my fanatic’s help:

If you have any hot pictures, videos, etc. – really any content that you think I would think is hott, email it to me (or email me a link to it) at [email protected]. I would appreciate you SO much.

And now, for your enjoyment…a random blog post!


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