3.10.11 Sexy Boys in Sexy Hats.

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If ever there was an appropriate time to cream one’s pants. That would be now.

Praise GOD. There are angels amongst us.

I usually don’t like boys in hats. I could never wear a hat because of my hair, and wearing them too much just leads to baldness. Any why would anyone want to detract from their facial features, unless their face was busted?

Thank goodness Stud Sucker, also known as Bubba, showed me that boys wearing hats can be sexy as FURK. Good looking out guy; hope you’re keeping your boys in check on your blog.

More Angels Amongst us.


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  • butch

    sooweeee…. thanks for the link.

  • Gay Porn Fanatic

    You're the one with the hot pics. Thanks for that. May do one in the future too.