Notice Anything Different?

Yea, I changed the look of the blog. Do you like?

So if you haven’t noticed, I changed the look of my blog. I have had this blog since August of 2009, and haven’t changed the template yet. That template was so difficult to find, and it was a great template, and I couldn’t find one that compared, so I thought to myself, “you better not DARE to change it”. And so I kept it. Then I realized Blogger (the platform I used to use), though very liberal, was also very limiting at the same time. You can grow a lot on Blogger, and it’s good to start out on. It’s also good for search engines, because it’s owned by Google. But I felt like I was hitting a plateau. And serious blogs aren’t hosted on Blogger. And I feel I’m a serious Blogger. One of the most well-known in gay porn. Plus a lot of my blogger friends were finding that their blogs were slowly being deleted by Google, without warning, for no good reason. This definitely happened to the Chronicles of Pornia last month. So the desire to be more serious in blogging, mixed with the fear of having my blog deleted, mixed with learning more about a platform that will help me in my non-NSFW career field (anything in the Web 2.0 space), I felt a move to the WordPress platform was more than necessary. And I was finally in a place in my life (mainly I have a job now, so the money I made from blogging wasn’t going straight to bills) that I COULD move to WordPress. So I finally got to move. It wasn’t a pretty move though. Many hiccups along the way. The biggest one, though, and it always is the biggest, was finding a theme that didn’t suck. I thought that would be easy, since most Blogger themes are re-coded WordPress themes. But no. WordPress has a crapton of themes – paid and free – that don’t work. It was frustrating seeing BEAUTIFUL themes, that you’d drop some cash on, that just didn’t work or worked differently than the way they were advertised. I wasted a lot of money, and was almost about to give up, and spend $500 on a custom-designed template or do it myself. It was seriously taking over my life. Then I finally found one. Actually, I found a few and bought them all. It’s similar to my old template, and to some, may be better. Also, my widgets are now in place, so now I can get my life back and back to blogging and showing y’all HAWT pornsss. There’s only been one hiccup, and it’s been worked around. So I hope you all enjoy the new Gay Porn Fanatic 2.0! Tell me what you think?!


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