Aiden Has Some GORGEOUS Eyes! (@SouthernStrokes)

First off, does anyone think that Aiden, and hunky David from last week could be brothers? I mean, they both have gorgeous brown eyes, similar facial hair, and face structure? Then again, I could be thinking this because they’re both white.

Anyway, back to the music.

Aiden is a Texas boy, like I am. And everything is ALWAYS bigger in Texas (I fucking HATE that phrase, but I know a lot of you all think it’s funny). And that’s true with Aiden. 6’2, so he’s kinda tall, but he’s also kind of twinky. So that makes his 8-inch cock seem even bigger.

He’s also got some outrageous tattoos, on the front AND on the back, and has this outrageous fantasy of 1000 people watching him get off. And that turns him on.

I told you. Us Texas boys are a handful. Watch David work his handful on Southern Strokes!


Porn Stars:

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