Is This Guy REALLY straight?

I kinda had a tough time writing this post. See why after the jump.

Like I said. Had a hard time writing this post.

Jaret, the top, is “pretty straight.” He can even back that claim up with his appearances on here and here. “But if a cute boy comes along…”

So, the obvious end of the post would be like, “Obviously, if he were straight, he wouldn’t be having sex with men, right??!!?!?!?!” But then, I wrote this post a few months ago, about girl on girl porn, which basically said, if a girl can have sex with a girl and not be considered a lesbian, why can’t a man?

And the fact that you may like the feel of an ass on your dick or the feel of something hitting your prostate doesn’t make you gay. The fact that you like boys / girls does.

So what do you all think about the issue?




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