WATCH: Guy Fucks Himself…With His Own Dick.

Steven Daigle has done this before, but this video is much better. See why after the jump.

Guy Fucks Himself with his own dick

One time, Steven Daigle fucked himself. But, it was with a dildo replica of his dick. So I mean, that is KINDA like this, but this is better.

I know we’ve all wondered if this was possible. I don’t think I ever could, as my penis isn’t as limber as some are. I also think that with all the fidgeting and having to be in the right place, my dick would just get angry and go soft.

I do imagine though, that with practice makes perfect, obviously. This kid has obviously had A LOT of practice with this.

Question: Will the gays who are against barebacking get all pissy cause he’s doing this with no condom?



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  • Kenneth White, Jnr.

    as far as the barebacking goes when you are doing it to yourself the only concern I can think of is Hep A (feces) and Genital disease (some guys are carriers of HPV without knowing it) but as long as youre getting tested I say no big deal ….

    hot boi find btw, He is definitely one that make boxers look sexy,

    • gaypornfanatic

      The barebacking thing was mostly a joke. :-)
      You know there are so many guys who cry foul when it happens. So they’d probably say something about this too.

      But I agree. Not many (me) can pull off boxers, but he certainly does.