Which Next Door Studios Guy Will Get Their Own Fleshjack?

So for some reason, I’m a part of Fleshjack’s newsletter. And today, I get an email titled, “Which Next Door Studios Exclusive Should be a Fleshjack Boy?

Fleshjack Next Door Studios

As soon as I see it, I go, “Here Fleshjack goes again.” You see, the last time Fleshjack did a contest, they were picking three pornstars to be the new “Fleshjack Boy”. Blogs went crazy over the contest. Pornstars were tweeting about it like mad. Some, like Steven Daigle, set up websites and made viral videos to promote themselves.

Then rumor gets out that the 3 “Fleshjack Boys” were picked before voting even started, and the contest was just a way to generate buzz without having to do the work, and a way to generate names for an email list.

Though this sounds A LITTLE more credible, it reeks of the same musk. You vote, and all of a sudden you’ll be getting newsletters and ads in your inbox twice a month. And they probably have the boy picked. Hell. ALL the boys may have already made their Fleshjack mold. I can guarantee you that since Fleshjack was caught red-handed last time, they’re up to the same thing this time.


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