Ted Colunga Poses at Butch Dixon (9 Images)

Some of you may not remember, but a few days ago, I wrote a post saying this guy is the perfect man, for various reasons. I know some of you knew this, but his name is Ted Colunga. And he’s on Butch Dixon.

And he has THE MOST BEAUTIFUL uncut cock I think I have ever seen. It’s just gorgeous, and it’s as thick as he is. Just seems perfectly fitting for him. Can you imagine him pounding your hole with that tube steak, and him being extremely forceful as he throws you around the room? Yea I TOTALLY can.

And I’ll say, in addition to having a great front, he’s also got an AMAZING ass.

I really want to find out more about this guy. Has he been anywhere besides Butch Dixon? Has he done an action scene?


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  • Nick

    Ted Colunga made alot of videos under at least a dozen names. One name he used often is Fred Fele. The bulk of his work was under four directors: Csaba Borbely, Tom Bradford, Roland Dane and Joe Budai. He was mostly a bottom.

    • gaypornfanatic

      I never realized Tom Colunga had more than one name! I did see that he was mostly bottom though. Mostly BORED bottom. He NEVER looked like he wanted to be there. :-(

      • Nick

        It’s difficult to keep track of Eastern European men in gay porn. So many use multiple aliases for reasons unknown to me.

        • gaypornfanatic

          Well not just Eastern European men. There are a lot of guys that use Aliases. I know Nicco Alexander just changed his name to Cris Tyler. But I know what you mean. Never understand why. Especially when the Men of Porn blog is just gonna put 2 and 2 together and call them out on it.