All Tops…No Bottoms. (Guys In Just shirts – 16 Images)

And by “All Tops…No Bottoms” I REALLY mean, Boys in shirts and no pants.

My Favorite Sexy guy wearing Just a Shirt at

Aside from the many things that turn me on, this is probably one of the biggest things that turns me on. As a child and as a teenager, I was never the most comfortable with my body. Hell. As a 23-year-old, I’m STILL not comfortable with my body.

Therefore, I prefer to be pantless instead of shirtless. It hides the problem stomach, plus it’s easier access to your junk. (Don’t act like you haven’t been annoyed when you’re trying to fool around with a boy in a car or something, and his underwear and pants have simply become a nuissance.)
The only thing that sucks is when you’re jacking off and you ruin your shirt and you have to put a new one on.

Nonetheless, I get really turned on when I see a guy wearing just a shirt with no pants, and can pull it off flawlessly. I also like when I make puns and don’t even realize it.


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  • daseekah

    YASSS for this post

    • @gaypornfanatic

      YASSS for this post indeed. Which of these boys is your favorite?

  • Aamyko

    The 2nd guy is beyond yummy! Gimme some of that strange!

    • @gaypornfanatic

      Love me some strange as well! I'll take the first guy, followed by the second. And then the last one, and mr. dildo.

  • @gaypornfanatic

    Nice! I like them all, but the first guy is my ultimate favorite.