Davy Jones – Straight Porn Hotttie In A Tux – He Does It Again!

Straight Stud Davy Jones In A Tuxedo | GayPornFanatic.com

Davy Jones is going on his THIRD year of doing nothing but jacking off in front of a camera. Seriously. You think Cody Cummings is a pro at putting off sex with another man until the last minute? At least he gets his dick sucked by them. Davy Jones has done nothing but jack off. And he hasn’t even pulled a Mark Dalton and jack off NEXT to another guy. Just by himself.

And it’s weird, because until @Riktigger pointed it out, I hadn’t even noticed it. I just thought he was another hottie. But I mean, I can’t be mad at him. I would harvest as much money as I could out of being hot and doing nothing but stripping and jerking off if I could too.

At least here, he tries to change it up a little bit. We see him in suits and normal clothes usually, but for this Men At Play scene, he bumps it up a notch and dons a tux, fit for a black tie affair.

I also love his long sheer socks. I’m not a sock fan, but i love the contrast they make on his skin.


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  • http://twitter.com/Tat2dgy @Tat2dgy

    He is so… pretty. In or out of clothes.

    • http://twitter.com/gaypornfanatic @gaypornfanatic

      Can you just imagine this hotness, plus him talking in a perfect British Accident? *dies*

  • http://www.joeknowsgayporn.com Joe

    He is fucking hot! And I love socks – dress socks, baseball, soccer, mmmm!

    • http://twitter.com/gaypornfanatic @gaypornfanatic

      Ironically, I hate socks – I'm one of THOSE gays – but Davy Jones could make wearing a paper bag sexy. Frick.