I Want Tyler To Fuck Me With His Big Dong

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I’m loving all this great amateur gay porn I’ve been finding lately.

Tyler's Big Dong

Maybe I’m just horny, but I’ve never wanted anyone to fuck me as badly as I want Tyler to fuck me right now. Tyler is that boy I’m turned on by that completely goes against everything I know. Not necessarily in penis size or body hair, but you guys know my style. I like my men a little less unkempt than Tyler is. But oh my goodness, if he didn’t smell like pure sex. And it’s probably because he hasn’t bathed in a while. Even looking at him makes me wanna be bad and do naughty, unexpected things.

He probably reeks of man stink and pheromones.
Can y’all tell I’m totally feeling him (and myself) right now?

In addition to all that stuff, there’s nothing better than the BIG DONG this stud has. As well as the mushroom head that sits on top of this huge dong.

I want Tyler to fuck me. While shoving his armpit in my face. Then I want him to cum in my face, and repeat this process.

I wanna be bad for once. It’s been so long.

(Shouts out to @Riktigger for said photos. This may be one of my favorite photo sets.)



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  • Ready2roll83

    Love the fur, disheveled hair and cocky frat boy type vibe he give off. Super sexy.

    • http://twitter.com/gaypornfanatic @gaypornfanatic

      OH MY GOD YES. Did you read my write-up on him? I'm pretty much completely in love and have found the perfect man.

      And no this isn't a crush.

  • Ready2roll83

    Who is he? where is he from? And where can I find him?

    • http://twitter.com/gaypornfanatic @gaypornfanatic

      You may have to ask @Riktigger about that one. He's the one who sent me the pictures. It may be the greatest gift I ever received.

  • http://www.daseekah.com Daseekah

    Mushroom dick lol. Hot guy tho

    • http://twitter.com/gaypornfanatic @gaypornfanatic

      Whoa. you're saying you don't love mushroom dick?

      • http://www.daseekah.com daseekaj

        Nope not a fan. Looks deformed lol

        • http://twitter.com/gaypornfanatic @gaypornfanatic

          haha. you think THAT'S deformed? You should See Mukhtar's dong. Now THAT'S deformed.

          • http://www.daseekah.com Daseekah

            oh gosh i saw that a while back and thought he had a bad circumcision…but others were saying it’s a bad saline job. Whatever it is…it’s just BAD!

  • http://riktigger.tumblr.com/ Riktigger

    I Think He's A Badpuppy Model.

    • http://twitter.com/gaypornfanatic @gaypornfanatic

      How weird that i'm just now seeing this.