My Favorite Kind of Boy: A Boy With A Bubble Butt

There is NOTHING worse than a guy with a flat ass.

bubble butt

I really do hate the boys with flat asses. It’s like, can you PLEASE go do some squats in the gym? That’ll help.

While I hate a boy with a flat ass, I’ll say there’s nothing better than a guy with a bubble butt. Nothing. In. The. World. I have one, and they’re hard to come by. Muscle butts are hott, but I really think the kind that are muscular, yet natural, are the best. Like Matthew Rush‘s.

And, I LOVE every single ass in this photo set. Awesome pics that SDBorderBoy Sent to me. He may be the only person who loves a good bubble butt more than I do.

So tell me. When you are romping around with a hott guy, which part of his body turns you on the most? And don’t be generic and say, “OMG I LOVE FEELING HIS DICK!!” Cause, we all do.

Hungry For Ass


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