Who Doesn’t Love A Pair of Low Hanging Balls? (4 Images)

Low-Hanging Balls

Do these ball sacks amaze anyone else as much as they amaze me? That ball sack hangs OFF the chair! Like three inches!! And the balls are quite nice themselves. He could give someone a nice skin transfusion or something. Cause lord knows he has a little extra…

Could you imagine being in between his legs? Or your head hanging off the bed, as he fucks your face, and those balls bounce up and down on your chin?

Or what about this: you and him are fucking doggy style. And really starting to get into it. And all of a sudden, he starts thrusting like crazy. And those low hanging balls start smacking up against your cheeks, almost making a rhythm, that you can make a nice rap to. (sidenote: why hasn’t anyone used the sound of low hanging balls bouncing up against an ass as the backing track to a song. THAT would be brill.)

I was never really one who was in to ball sacks, but I just couldn’t resist sharing these with the world. I hope you all understand.

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