Straight Muscle Stud – Vinn Diesel Jacks Off At Circle Jerk Boys

Straight muscle studs like Vinn Diesel are one of the VERY reasons I want to move to Miami, and it is a dream vacation spot for me.

Straight Muscle Stud - Vinn Diesel Jerks Off

So this is Vinn Diesel. Not the one you’re thinking of, but they’re BOTH sexy as hell.

(Sidenote: What is Pride Studios’s deal with giving their boys the names of famous stars? First “The Rock” [who has since changed his name to Doc Rock] and now Vinn Diesel? Is there a lack of creativity over there?)

THIS Vinn Diesel is 21. Originally from Cuba, but he made his way to Miami about 10 years ago, and has been there ever since. I would like to pay a gargantuan THANK YOU to the country of CUBA, because they’ve made one of the most beautiful boys with the most beautiful bodies over there.

The only thing that sucks about Vinn Diesel (cause he sure as hell don’t…yet…) is that he’s straight. And has a girlfriend that keeps him busy. But he is a dick dancer, so he’s probably gay for enough money.
Let me start pinching my pennies together so I can pinch his ass cheeks together…and pull them apart and stick my tongue in. O_O

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What is his name?Http://mytumblr.gaypornfanatic.comCutie with nice feet. Http://mytumblr.gaypornfanatic.comJuan Carlos, featured on MORE HERE: is this. He is gorgeous. Http://
  • Daseekah

    i just CAN'T with him. His name has changed so much it's annoying. First he was Yandry on Man Avenue, then he was Randy Pacheco on muscle hunks, Now he's Vinn Diesel. He needs to stick to one name.