Hairy Gay Men – Julian Vincenzo Fucks Ted Colunga (VIDEO)

That Ted Colunga has the prettiest uncut cock I’ve ever seen. It’s so thick, so big, so meaty, just like him.

Hairy Gay Men - Julian Vincenzo Fucks Ted Colunga

What can be better than this? The Most Perfect Man, Ted Colunga, getting fucked by one of My Favorite Porn Stars, Julian Vincenzo? What could be better is the oral action, to answer my question quite honestly. Hungary makes some gorgeous men, but these two hairy gay men can’t give head for anything.

I will say though, that as the video progressed, the action got hotter and hotter. My favorite position to watch would either be the spooning, where they were both on their side, or the reverse jackhammer, Because it was hot to see Ted Colunga’s gaping asshole get fucked.

I will say though, that as I was writing this post, I was disappointed to find out that Ted Colunga isn’t gay. He’s either bi or str8, and doesn’t enjoy getting kissed by a guy, says this interview I found on Queer Me Now. I’m not sure about Julian Vincenzo though. Does anyone know?

I guess sometimes it’s better to appreciate these hairy gay men for their bodies and their hot fucking skills, and try not to learn more about them. What you don’t know can’t hurt you, right?

Julian and Ted


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