Maxx – 230-Pound Muscle Stud at Active Duty!

The best / craziest thing about this muscle stud?
He’s only 20 years old.

Maxx - 230 pound muscle stud at Active Duty | Gay Porn Blog

20 years old, six feet tall, and 230 pounds. Piercing blue eves. A big cock to match.
This is how muscle stud Maxx, over at Active Duty, is best described.

I’ve seen some pretty big guys in college, and knew some bodybuilders, but 20? I don’t think I EVER knew a single muscle stud that was just built like straight up brick shit house like this muscle stud is. I guess that’s just what we get from a media (and gay men and straight women) thinking that if you DON’T look like this, you’re not sexy, and that this is the epitome of manhood. That doesn’t mean he’s NOT sexy though.

Anyway, Maxx says some of his favorite hobbies are hanging out with friends, going to the beach (to show off that beautiful body, duhh) and bar hopping. And getting to the gym every day for two to three hours.

I love his gay solo; he slowly pulls off his boxers with a look that says “come fuck me daddy”, and starts stroking his cock. Once he gives you enough time to start stroking your cock and pop a nice load, he strokes his cock until he jizzes on himself, and moves to the best part of the video – the shower scene – where he washes all that amazing jizz down the drain, and lets us watch the water cascade down his beautiful body and onto his muscles.

Can you handle this brick shit house? Try him on at Active Duty.

Maxx Is 230 lbs of Sweet Muscle




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  • @IAmNotMyDick

    what a beefy sexy ass hunk!!!!
    thanks for tipping me off to him (*goes to find clips to download)
    (why is him being 20 the BEST thing about him though?)

    • @gaypornfanatic

      what 20 year-olds do you know are beefy like this, and jacked like this?
      There are only a select few that I know of.

      Am I right?

  • agentgemini

    great. is he still doing porn?

    • gaypornfanatic

      I think he only did this one scene, as far as I know.