Low-Hanging Balls


These sacks redefine the term “Low-Hanging Balls”.

Low hanging Balls | Gay Porn Blog

And I thought these pictures of low hanging balls from a previous blog post were crazy. I almost can’t believe these sacks.

It’s like there should be a show called “EXTREME TESTICLES” and all of these guys can star in it.

Or better yet: “Extreme(ly low hanging balls” or something like that. The title needs a little work, but it’s getting there.

Anyway, I wonder if there is something…wrong…like literally…with these guys and their sacks, because of the amount of skin they have. Or if they did this to themselves, like people who have gauges in their earlobes because they want that hole to be bigger; maybe these guys just wanted low-hanging balls that hang even lower. If not, could (and SHOULD) they get all that excess skin removed?

I’ve never been one that’s been a big balls person, I will admit. I’ll smell the underside of a cute ball sack from time to time, to get a whiff of some unabridled pheromones, but it is by no means a fetish of mine.
At the same time, I feel like the ball sack, one of the male erogenous zones, is often one of the male body’s most overlooked parts. Most guys talk about how they love this and that done to their bodies, but we all love having our balls licked. Don’t lie. If more guys would speak up about it, maybe we’d see more of this in gay porn.

Shout out to @Riktigger for the pics!


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  • http://yahoo.com/ Darkhog

    I love ball stretching and the guys who do it!

    • gaypornfanatic

      Do you like having yours stretched?

      • http://yahoo.com/ Darkhog

        Yeah, it’s all in fun and how it feels. Amazing! I like all thing kinky and self pleasurable. I try thing now before I get old and wish I had of.

        • gaypornfanatic

          What’s your fave kinky thing to do?