Sexy Black Bodybuilder Synjyn


This black bodybuilder has one of the sickest bodies I’ve seen.


Black Gay Muscle Hunk | Sinjyn | Mark Wolff

It’s like my mom and grandma used to say: when you’re Black you have to work two or three times as hard as the next guy.

I definitely took my grandma and momma’nems words to heart (hell. I write this gay porn blog in addition to having a full-time job). But apparently, my mom has also been talking to sexy BlackBodybuilder Synjyn, because he has one of THE BEST BODIES and best physiques I’ve seen from gay porn studio Mark Wolff. Arms that look like they could crush you, legs that look like they could decapitate you. And lips that look like they could consume you with just one kiss. He’s just my kinda man – the kind that could protect you at night. There is no need for a gun, ladies and gentlemen; Synjyn has the only guns you’ll need.

This stud is a bodybuilder and physique model, based out of Denver Colorado. Cause could you REALLY see anyone else modeling physiques? And could you see him doing anything else? It’s like “physique model” was born to be Sinjyn (see what I did there?) In fact, I would be mad, and a little upset, if I found out he did anything else for a living.

Sinjyn is like a little drop of chocolate during the middle of your day. Chocolate wrapped in sexy black bodybuilder exterior, that is.


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