Don’t See Too Many Hot Older Men Like Wade Neff!

I wish there were more HOT older men, like Wade Neff.

Hot Older Men | Wade Neff | Gay Porn Blog

I don’t know much about Wade Neff, but it seems like he’s been around for a while.

(I didn’t think about that until I read it back. No shit he’s been around for a while.)

I say that, because on Real Mature Men Hideaway, some of the comments left say that he’s been around for about a dozen years now. So I don’t want to call him “THIS HOT NEW PORN STUD I FOUND!

But I DO think he’s gorgeous. Most men, when they get older, decide to just go with the flow. They get lethargic, complacent, and fat. Doesn’t seem like that happened to Wade Neff. And the result is one hunky, muscular, hairy, beefy bear daddy that I’d let own me any which kinda way. Talk about HOT. Older Men around the world should take notes.

On the body, that is. I will say that as gorgeous as Wade Neff is, He makes 2 different faces throughout the whole photoset. I wanted to be like, DO SOMETHING ELSE! Because leaning forward a little and TRYING to look hot is NOT HOT. Other than that though…

So I know daddies aren’t everyone’s thing. How do you feel about daddies? And about Wade Neff?

Wade Neff


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  • hughman

    lol. when i read any of your posts about "vintage" porn, i'm always reminded how new you are to this area. wade neff started as a cold model (around 15 years ago) and while i wouldn't call him a "porn star" per se (as he didn't male movies), he's become very known in the interrum as an out, HIV + activist and speaker.

    • @gaypornfanatic

      Well I apologize for not being as old as you. And no where in this post did I say anything about Wade Neff being vintage. I said he was a hot older guy…which he is.

      But thanks for the info on Wade Neff.

  • Nick

    Steven Michael posted
    a very brief interview with Wade Neff on his “I am Steven Michael” website. Wade was married for seventeen years
    before he came out!

    Manhunt Daily did a nice profile on him in August 2011. They posted
    several photos of him including one of Wade getting his dick sucked. AFAIK Wade
    has never made any hardcore videos (I’d love to be proven wrong).

    • gaypornfanatic

      So you’re saying he was just a fitness model?

      • Nick

        No. Wade was a Colt model, but he never did any videos. I think he was still married when he started.

        • gaypornfanatic

          Interesting. I never realized that Colt had models that didn’t do videos. Learn something new every day.

  • Darkhog

    Oh Fuck! Wade is drool factor hot!