Pictures of Men In Jockstraps

I love the pictures of these men in jockstraps. They’re almost like art.

Sexy Men In Jockstraps | Gay Underwear Blog

A few weeks ago, I asked the question: can cum be considered art? because of some pictures of beautiful cum shots. Today, I’d like to ask the same thing about jockstraps. Can jockstraps, and the men in the pictures of them, be considered art?

Every single one of these pictures of men in jockstraps is breathtaking. And I’m not talking from an “OH look at me I’m a horny guy! I fetish over men in jockstraps!”

I look at them from the art angle. These pictures are extremely fluid, with figures that just fly off the page. Some of them are beautifully symmetrical. I also love how they show off the jockstrap in an erotic, yet non-offensive way. They also show off more than just a jockstrap. They Show off so much more. It’s almost like a story is being told.

I apologize for analyzing the hell out of these great pics. But when I see something I like, I have the need to study it a bit further.

Posers In Straps


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  • ♥Space Marine Terry♥

    an ass in a jock is always art. the way it just frames the buttocks. gets me so hot.

    • gaypornfanatic

      It’s like a bra for gay men. Isn’t it?