These 3 Guys Have No Need For Men…They Can Fuck Themselves With Their Own Dicks

One of my biggest goals in life is to be self-sufficient.

I’m far from it, but one of the things I want most in life is self-sufficiency. I want to be able to not have to depend on anyone for anything. One day it’ll come.

I’m really talking bills and shit, but these three guys take what I want, self-sufficiency, and boost it to a whole new level. So while I’ll be happy being able to pay all my bills and such, these three guys are the REAL ones who have no need to depend on anyone else for anything.

After closely examining these guys, it looks like in all three cases, there hole is extremely close to their cock, making it easy to turn it around, and stick it in. In Jason Crew’s case, it looks like his hole is ON his perenium (meaning he has, like, no gooch.)

Maybe natural selection will make ALL of our holes closer to our gooches. But in the mean time…

1. Some Hot Kid I Found Off Tumblr

Hot Gay Porn | Guy Fucks Himself With His Own Dick

This stud fucks himself with his own dick, and cums in his hole after!

I don’t know this guy’s name, or anything about him. I wish I did, though; all I know is that he posted a video of himself on Tumblr, I happened to see it, and I was amazed. At the time when I first saw this video, I thought that Jason Crew was an enigma and was the only one who had this talent, so you can imagine how amazed I was when I found out more guys could do it. And this guy could even do it enough to bring himself to even cum in his own hole!

2. Older, Mature Stud John Connery

John Connery Fucks Himself With His Own Dick | Butch Dixon

John Connery probably has YEARS of experience fucking himself.

The day I found out about the twink who could fuck himself with his own dick, my buddy Riktigger alerted me to John Connery, an older, hairy, sexy stud, who can also fuck himself with his own dick.

Some people say that guys are like a fine wine or an expensive cheese, and only get better with age. So if the young stud on Tumblr has a great technique of fucking himself, and can get himself to cum, you can only imagine what the years of experience that this guy has have brought to the table.

3. Midwest Cutie Jason Crew

Gay Porn Video | Jason Crew Fucks Himself

Jason Crew fucks himself with his own dick, then gives himself a cum facial.

And then last but not least – some may even say last but certainly most – we have Jason Crew. The best, the most well-known, the original self fucker, Jason Crew. Looking back through my archives, I realized that a picture of Jason Crew fucking himself with his own dick was one of my very first blog posts. Therefore, I’ll say that it’s very conceivable that Jason Crew has been fucking himself with his own dick since the dawn of time. Or…since he hit puberty and could get an erection, thereby marking the dawn of time for him.

So which guy is your favorite? And will you try fucking yourself with your own dick now?

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  • @friskyfans

    I vote for Jason Crew. He wins the autofellatio contest hands down.

    • gaypornfanatic

      haha. I love Jason Crew. He's like the non-corn-fed version of a corn-fed Midwest Boy, with his Ohio self.

      I can't decide on a favorite though. Either Jason or John Connery.

      And also, auto fellatio is being able to suck your own dick. I don't know what this auto would be, though.

  • watchmefuckmyself

    i’ve been doing it since i was about 28 and i’ll tell you what, for a long time after that i only had to leave my house for cigarettes. fortunately i quit smoking a long time ago.

    • gaypornfanatic

      Thank goodness. People are dumb anyways.