VIDEO: Watch Ross Hurston Prove He’s The Greatest Cock Sucker Alive

What do you think, judging by the way he handled Matt Hughes’ dick in this gay oral sex video?

If you have never seen porn star Matt Hughes‘ dick before, It’s one of the biggest “functional” dicks I’ve seen and one of the biggest working in porn. I want to say it’s AT LEAST 11 inches. Maybe a little more.

Despite its size, Ross Hurston handles it like a PRO. I knew he was a great cock sucker, but after watching this gay oral sex video, he has truly amazed he. Not only was he able to give Matt Hughes a great blowjob, he DEEP THROATED Matt’s cock. And he didn’t gag, choke, or do any spitting up. Hell, he barely had to come up for air; He just hid it somewhere in his throat. Here’s what he looks like right before diving in on Matt Hughes’ cock:

Gay Oral Sex Video | Ross Hurston Blows Matt Hughes

Fuck. I have to get all 11 inches of that down my throat?

And here’s what he looks like after:

Gay Oral Sex Video | Ross Hurston Blows Matt Hughes

I knew I could do it. This is why I am a boss.

I will say, though, that he does use his hand frequently while giving head. However, that’s more a matter of personal preference. Some people, like Austin Wilde, hate it when you DON’T use your hand. Others, like Spencer Reed, hate it when you DO use your hand. I prefer not to, but since Matt Hughes is SO damn big, I really don’t mind.

Now THATS a blowjob

So tell us: Do you agree with my statement that Ross Hurston may be the best cocksucker of our time? Do you disagree, and say that cocksuckers in other gay oral sex videos, like Jed Wilcox, or this guy deemed “The Hoover” better?

Leave a comment and let us know!




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