Bareback Gay Porn Video: Guy Gets Pounded In A Hotel

Sometimes, an amateur gay porn can get you off so much harder than the most polished glossy gay porn video can.

Bareback Gay Porn Video | Rough Hotel Fuck | Eric Videos

The fucking in this bareback gay porn video is what most bottoms dream of.

If you remember yesterday’s post, I talked about this new-ish French gay porn studio, specializing in bareback porn. Here’s another of their videos I like, and I like it for the same reasons as the video from yesterday. I don’t know these guys’ names, or their backstories, but there seems to be some passion between these two guys. That could come from them being in a relationship, a general attraction to each other, or an overwhelming need to get off, but it seems like they’re into each other.

I also love that the sex seems to flow a little more than normally would. This is typical for most amateur gay porn, and especially bareback gay porn. But it doesn’t seem like they’re having sex in 6-minute intervals, so their tension is flowing.

Also, just like I said with yesterday’s video, I love that the sex, and not the cum, is what is fetishized. When the top goes to cum, he gives the bottom a facial. He doesn’t cum anywhere near the bottom’s hole. He even goes to kiss him afterwards. Where as some other studios would have spent 5 minutes just on the cumming alone, and the top would have cum in the bottom’s ass and then we’d have seen a big fuss about his hole.

[Flash 10 is required to watch video]



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