Austin Wilde Fired From Next Door Studios

It’s like the shot heard ’round the world.


Originally reported on The Sword, gay porn star Austin Wilde was fired from Next Door Studios today. It seems like he didn’t want to do a gay-for-pay orgy with a few of their other exclusives. I don’t think he has been happy at Next Door for a while now, and this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I don’t really feel like anyone feels bad for that camel’s back, though. Many fans of Austin Wilde, myself included, don’t care for Next Door Studios. I’ll give it to them that they’re on fire right now with their content, but their values don’t align with many of today’s gay porn watchers. There are many gay porn fanatics that detest Next Door Studios. Now, thankfully, they can support Austin Wilde without having to simultaneously support Next Door.


However, in my opinion, Austin Wilde was one of their biggest stars, if not their biggest. And was definitely their best exclusive. So I don’t think it was the best idea to let him go like that. No one knows at the moment what will happen to the content at or to the URL, or to Austin (he WAS released early from his three-year contract), but it will definitely be an interesting ride, to say the least.

Hopefully he’ll go on to bigger and better things.


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  • handsonmydick

    i don’t get it!? why is he so opposed to Gay4Pay? it’s not like he has a 100% guarantee that everybody he has sex with on camera is fully gay!?
    and what’s wrong with nextdoor studios in your opinion? you talk about how it sucks but don’t give any examples. 

    • gaypornfanatic

      It’s not that he’s opposed to gay4pay. In fact, he’s said before that he doesn’t mind working with straight guys, and sometimes they take dick better than gays can. What he has a problem with is straight guys who refuse to touch their scene partner, suck their dick, or lick their ass, like it’s not their job, even though their in a gay porn.

      Also, it wasn’t the fact that they were going to have to do a gay 4 pay orgy; this has been brewing for some time now. Relations between Austin and NDS had been sour for a while, and this scene was really the straw that broke the camel’s back.

      I (and many others) don’t like NDS because of the way they treat their models. There’s a lot of favoritism. They also bully their models a lot, like they were doing with Austin. They make a BIG deal out of gay 4 pay and give those guys preferential treatment (ever realized that all of their exclusives with sites, except for Austin, were all straight?). Basically if you keep your mouth shut and give in to the bullying, then you get favored.
      And Austin wasn’t having that.

      • handsonmydick

         okay i understand now. thanks!
        yeah nextdoormale isn’t really one of the ones i keep an eye out for so i was kind of lost!