The House that Devon Built: An Exclusive Look Inside Anteros Media

Erotic Author J. P. Barnaby shares her first-hand experiences with Devon Hunter’s new gay erotic film company.

Devon Hunter Anteros Media | Gay Porn

Devon Hunter Shooting Some Of The First Scenes for Anteros Media.

The sprawling ranch, complete with a suburban lawn and the requisite driveway looked like any of the others along the quiet, sleepy, Charlotte street. Kids played further down the road, and somewhere in the distance, a lawn mower rumbled to life for one of the last times that season. A chill had crept into the air since I’d left the airport, though it was certainly warmer than the balmy Chicago December I’d escaped. No indication existed of the house’s true purpose, to shoot beautiful gay adult videos, even as I walked up to the large porch that ran the length of the house. A ceiling fan hung idle above the white wooden porch swing, which looked like it would be a wonderful lazy afternoon diversion for the models staying at the house.

Anteros Media Shooting House | Gay Porn Fanatic

This is where Anteros Media will shoot the majority of its Gay Erotic content.

I gave a quick knock on the ornate front door of Olympus, a name referring to the home of Anteros, brother of Eros, and the Greek God of mutual love and affection. Within minutes, my knock was answered by the man I’d come to see—Mr. Devon Hunter, founder of Anteros Media, an adult media company like no other. With a cheerful hug, he invited me in and I got my first real look at the inside of the house. Photos, mine nor his, really do justice to the beautiful interior, but everything from the furniture, to the tasteful décor of each room, to the Jacuzzi tub complete with an assortment of bath salts exists to make shooting for Anteros Media a great experience for the models. When I asked him about it, Devon merely said that he wanted to give the models a better experience than the experience he’d had while in front of the camera. The house has a fully-equipped kitchen, entertainment center (flat panel television, DVD, cable, and Playstation 3), laundry facilities, and the models sleep in rooms beautifully decorated to make them feel at home. Transportation comes in the form of a gorgeous Acrua MX5 used to bring models to and from the airport, take them shopping, or for a night on the town.

Anteros Media Living Room | GayPornFanatic

Once the tour ended, Devon and I sat down at the breakfast bar to talk shop while he showed me some of the content they’d shot to that point. It was honestly like nothing I’d ever seen and I watch quite a bit of adult content. Knowing that the scene on the screen before me hadn’t been faked, spliced, or choreographed in any way made it that much hotter. If you haven’t heard of Anteros Media yet, the premise is very simple:

  • One camera, one take.

    All scenes for Anteros Media are done with a single high-quality high-definition hand-held camera without stopping.
  • Models are paired by their own preference in men.
  • Because scene partners are selected from a thorough screening questionnaire, chemistry between the models doesn’t need to be faked or inferred.

  • Everything you see is real.

    Each scene is an honest look at what goes on when two gay men who are attracted to each other end up in bed. Interactions between the models are respectful, playful, affectionate, and intimate — a look at men making love.
  • All of the models are gay—not bi, not mostly gay, or gay-for-pay, but out-and-proud gay men.
  • A change in the culture.
Anteros Media Bathroom | Gay Porn Fanatic

Bathroom at the Anteros Media shooting house

One man in the industry recently described the gay porn industry as a machine that chewed up boys and spit them out, leaving them broken and wanting. Anteros seeks to change that culture in a positive way, that benefits not only those working within it, but the LGBT community as a whole. Providing models with a safe, condom-only environment, profit sharing, and assistance with healthcare, Anteros is making the production of adult content more model-centric.

Anteros Media Shooting Bedroom | Gay Porn Fanatic

Where the Anteros Media magic happens.

Watching the content with Devon provided amazing insight into the men on screen. During the sexual scenes, he commented on the models such as Mitch Branson’s amazing attitude, Colby Keller’s charm, and Bryan Slater’s professionalism. I particularly enjoyed some of the unexpected moments during the scenes like things falling. It’s amazing that even while I jumped at the loud noise just coming from the speakers, the guy on the screen continued like nothing happened. Their concentration and professionalism were impressive.

I found the interviews with the models to be very interesting. I’d been talking with Spencer Williams (@SpencerWXXX) and Mitch Vaughn (@TheMitchVaughnXXX) on twitter for a few months, but because our discussions were digital, I’d never heard them speak. I was surprised and intrigued by Mitch’s soft-spoken, elegant views on spirituality. Spencer was beautiful and witty talking about how he got into fitness.

And that’s just the video content. Anteros Media also features written erotic content and recorded stories on audio for the enjoyment of its members.
All in all, the site is going to be nothing like you’ve ever seen, so make sure to watch for it, coming online soon at

J. P. Barnaby

Author JP Barnaby

As a bisexual woman, J.P. is a proud member of the GLBT community both online and in her small town on the outskirts of Chicago. A member of Mensa, she is described as brilliant but troubled, sweet but introverted, and talented but deviant. She spends her days writing software and her nights writing erotica, which is, of course, far more interesting. The spare time that she carves out between her career and her novels is spent reading about the concept of love, which, like some of her characters, she has never quite figured out for herself.

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  • Shadow Sterling

    I had to read this post twice because I could not believe some of the things I was reading. Shoots done with just 1 take, models asked about who they wanted to work with rather than just “surprised” the day of the shoot, profit sharing, assistance with healthcare, working toward bettering the environment for the performer. Production companies do not really do all that do they?

    I have watched many of the scenes now up on the new site at and they look like they were designed by a professional interior designer, harkening back to the days when adult companies had the money to lavish on shoots.

    But it is the site itself that I found so unique and refreshing. Erotic writings being narrated, interviews with the performers, with their clothes on asking what they thought about real world subjects, to the unique music, to the articles on important subjects that need to be discussed.

    This site is so unique there are bound to be imitators but if they are anything like this one I believe that will be a good thing for all of us. Well done!

    • gaypornfanatic

      I definitely agree. It’s always nice to see someone doing something different and using a new approach. Hopefully this new approach works out. Though I’m sure it will. :-)

  • Adil Mohammed

    “All of the models are gay—not bi, not mostly gay, or gay-for-pay, but out-and-proud gay men.”

    I’m sorry, but what exactly is wrong with bisexual men? As a “bisexual woman, (and a) a proud member of the GLBT community”, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    I was skeptical about Anteros’ so called ‘responsible’ porn and I was just waiting for the true gay colours to show. Surprise, surprise, they exclude bisexual men from their mission statement. Gay male sexuality is by it’s very nature nothing more than all of the ‘-isms’ put together. The two or three men of colour are fucking tokens (one of whom has ‘won’ by bagging a white guy). What these people are offering is false and hollow and I’m not buying any of it! Disgusting.

    • Devon Hunter

      Point 1: I have written about bisexuality on my blog several times. :-)

      Point 2: We have 12 models right now. Two are black. One is Latino. One is Asian. Token?? Men of color are 25% of our roster.

      Point 3: We do not cast bisexual men RIGHT NOW, because we are committed to brand clarity. We already have plans for the future.

      But I am not interested in having this war, so I just wanted to let you know that I heard the criticism and it’s based on faulty assumptions.

      I hope you are well. xo

      • Adil Mohammed

        While your criticisms of mainstream porn are valid, you seem to be presenting ‘real’ gay life as some sort of inclusive level playing field. It fucking isn’t. And yes the men of colour on your roster are very much tokens.

        • Devon Hunter

          Adil, it isn’t my job to please you or anyone else (especially people who refuse to be pleased). I am responsible for what I say. I am not responsible for what you understand.

          I am sorry that you are unhappy (and, given the realities of LGBT life, I am convinced you have every reason to be displeased, which is why you and I are on the same team), but whatever it is that is bothering you, it isn’t because of ME personally or Anteros Media’s activities. If you would like to talk about your observations and concerns as they pertain to LGBT culture in an intelligent and friendly manner, I would be very happy to converse with you; however, part of what needs to change is the way LGBT people speak to each other. Unless you are prepared to change your tone, I am not willing to continue this with you.

    • J. P. Barnaby

      I’m unclear as to why I should be ashamed of myself – because I write erotic content for a company that promotes pride in our community? Eventually the site will encompass different facets of sexuality, it simply started with gay-oriented content. I write about gay men making love because it’s something that I find both erotic and beautiful. Anteros Media is the closest thing I’ve found to that fantasy, and I’m PROUD to write for them. Thank you for reading.

    • gaypornfanatic

      Adil, I don’t think anyone is saying that there’s anything wrong with bisexual men. I think, however, that many men are disenfranchised by the term “bisexual”. I’m not doubting that you are bisexual, or that there’s a such thing as bisexuality.

      However, many porn companies use “bisexual” as a marketing term. They either want to make their gay performers seem less gay, or even worse, make their straight performers seem less gay. I know when Jeremy Bilding was working in gay porn, Chi Chi LaRue marketed him as bisexual, but he has since come out and said that he has no interest in men sexually.

      It’s also used, many times, as a copout by men who aren’t proud of their sexuality. Some men want to be seen as more “masculine” so they say they’re bi. Others, in their profile, state they don’t want to have sex with gay men.

      I think, for the most part, Devon Hunter is trying to praise the fact that there are men out there who willingly, and proudly, have sex with men, even when money isn’t being waved in their face.