Tony Newport’s Birthday Party at BJsNXs


If you didn’t know, Gay Porn Newcomer Tony Newport’s birthday was July 4th.

To celebrate, he had a party at BJsNXs gay bar in Dallas, and some special friends were in town. Austin Wilde, Anthony Romero, and Zane from new gay porn studio Austin Zane were here to help him party it up correctly.

If you can imagine, a Tuesday night before a holiday with 4 gay porn stars in town, one of them celebrating his 22nd birthday, it was one of the craziest nights in Dallas I’ve ever seen. The whole place was a little chaotic. It was like a big, gay, hot, slutty tank top contest, with porn stars included.

It was still a great night, though. The boys posed for some photos with patrons, including some with me. And these…are the results.

Apparently Austin Wilde tried to bite Zane’s dick off…Tony is confused at what he just saw, and me and Anthony are just cheesing for the camera as hard as we can.

For the next few pictures, we all got our act together a little more, even though we’re all looking at different cameras.

Austin Wilde wanted to flex for the camera, so I obliged. Because, quite honestly, who DOESN’T want Austin Wilde to flex for the camera?
It IS quite nice…

Anthony Romero’s butt is so round you can set a drink on it. And if you set a drink on top of it, you may be compelled to drink said drink as Austin Wilde demonstrates:

Me, Austin Wilde, and Anthony Romero:

Next, I dug through my archives on my phone, and pulled up a picture of Austin and Anthony last time they were here, for FabScout Howard’s birthday last year at Tin Room. Steps were taken to recreate the magic. How did they do?

Last year:


And then we have Zane Michaels, from the new gay porn studio Austin Zane. If you haven’t heard about Austin Zane, they are best friends who met while working for another porn company. These two straight guys immediately had chemistry, and decided to start a gay porn company. Unlike Tony, Austin, and Anthony, this was the first time that I had the opportunity to meet Zane. He’s totally friendly, sweet, and not in the least bit pretentious or arrogant. At least he didn’t let on that he was. So I certainly hope that this isn’t the last time I get to meet him.

Here we are, in the world’s best sorority girl picture. Only thing that would make this better are some pearls.

This is probably the best picture of the night. I’m not even quite sure what Tony is doing. Sticking his finger up Zane’s butt? I guess so. Me and Zane are just cheesing it up and laughing ridiculously.

And there goes a very crazy 3rd / 4th of July. Anytime you’re in Texas (and specifically Dallas) let me know, and I’ll get you hammered, and it’ll be fun. Maybe you can meet Tony Newport.


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  • batman

    well ur the cutest guy in each picture ;> start doing porn yourself, lol.

    • gaypornfanatic

      haha. I’m way too dark and way too big-boned for that. Maybe if I Lose like 30 pounds.

      Thanks for the compliments though; you’re too kind.