RIP Nelson Troy


RIP Nelson Troy | Gay Porn Fanatic

Former Gay Porn Star Nelson Troy

It has been confirmed that porn star Nelson Troy has passed away. Fellow porn blogger Jason Secherest first reported the story, and details are still developing. The star was in Mexico at the time of the death, and was hit in the street by oncoming traffic.

It’s been said that many deaths happen in threes. I guess Nelson Troy’s would be the third death in the gay porn industry following the death of Erik Rhodes, and more recently, Nathan Price.

Nelson Troy had had an ongoing battle with drug addiction, and fought it with varying degrees of success. When he was found dead, there were methamphetamines in his system.

Nathan Troy was at one time a Channel 1 Releasing exclusive.

He’ll be missed by family, friends, and fans.


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  • Darkhog

    This is sad to hear of another passing of a life so young.

    • gaypornfanatic

      It’s true. Hope he’s in a better place now.

      • Darkhog

        Yeah, he happy and we’re still struggling.