British Olympic Diver Tom Daley by Jon Wright

Do you think Tom Daley Will Win a gold medal at the Olympics?


Tom Daley

All Photography by Jon Wright

Do you even care? Do you just like to look at him?

In an exclusive photo shoot and interview for Fabulous Mag, The diver answers some personal questions and reveals a lot about his personality.

He talks about what it’s like to have legions of girls lust after you (he’s all NBD, no big deal), what he hopes to accomplish in the Olympics (Gold. And he doesn’t hope to accomplish it because he says he WILL accomplish it) and even talks about being a role model to his two little brothers after his dad passed away a year ago.

He comes off as personable and mature for his age. Not to mention confident. Very confident. With boy band looks that can kill, an extreme talent, and maturity beyond his years, he seems like the type that is invincible. Is there anything he can’t do?

…sing. Yes, he looks like he could be in a boy band, but he can’t sing like one. Still though, even withou singing talent, Tom Daley is more than the full package. And he has a full package.

WOuld you do him?

Tom Daley exclusive photo shoot – he’s sexy and we know it!

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