Gay Oral Sex Video: Lucky Daniels Blows Cayden Ross

But first, Lucky opens Cayden Ross’s hole with a nice dildo.

Cayden Ross And Lucky Daniels | Gay Porn Fanatic

Do you think Cayden Ross is enjoying this ass play, or wishing he could leave?

One thing that gives me a lot of joy is watching one of my favorite porn stars, Cayden Ross, get a lot of joy. When he’s enjoying himself, puppies are born, angels get wings, and prince Harry shows the crown jewels to everyone in Las Vegas.

And from the looks of it, this dildo that Lucky Daniels is using on Cayden Ross seems to be giving him A LOT of joy. Maybe its rubbing his prostate in all the right places. Maybe he loves being stretched, poked, and prodded. Maybe it’s all of them. Maybe he hates it. But if he hates that, there’s NO denying that he loves the oral attention that Lucky Daniels is paying his dick; he’s at attention and hard as a rock the whole time, which is better than a lot of straight guys who do gay porn can say.

Afterwards these two exchange fucks over the massage table, but that gay porn video is for another day and another blog post in time.

Cayden and Lucky gay hardcore fucking


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