6 GIFs of Bottoms Getting it Missionary Style.


I know some guys don’t like it, but missionary style has always been my favorite position. Don’t get me wrong; I definitely all my positions (shouts out doggie style!). And I like to experiment. Even though I haven’t tried any of these crazy gay sex positions, nearly all are on my list. But it’s like […]

Quentin Elias Dies Of Massive Heart Attack

Quentin Elias

The passing of singer, model and actor Quentin Elias has been confirmed. Several sources reported that Elias was found dead, in his apartment in New York. It was also reported that the star died after suffering a massive heart attack. Circumstances that may have caused the heart attack currently remain unknown. Quentin Elias was born […]


What’s Your Fetish? Take This Quiz!

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So I stumbled on this quiz at sextoy.com…don’t ask me how. Anyway, it’s to find out what your biggest sexual fetishes are. Some of the questions were…interesting. I’ve never heard of anyone having a “tentacle” fetish, but then again, some guy out there thinks he’s a mermaid. Also, my number one “fetish” is anal play. […]