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Logan McCree Fucks Damien Crosse at Staghomme Studios (14 Images)


Poor wife. She can’t get it cause her husband is getting it from somewhere else. When will women learn that men ALWAYS do it better? Especially when women don’t put out as often as they know they should. That’s why while Logan McCree‘s wife is at work, he calls his trick, Damien Crosse, over to […]

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Damien Crosse Fucks Alex McDougal in “Hustler” at Staghomme (22 Images)


Or at least he plays one in a film. Yes. Damien Crosse is a hooker. Just a common strumpeting trollup. haha. And he convinces poor Alex McDougal to pay him to have sex. And they just go on some random person’s patio and do it. And Damien gets 20 sheckles. You know that saying? “Don’t […]

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Autry – GORGEOUS BLACK STUD Shows Off at Island Studs (20 Images)


Is anyone else blinded by his ridiculously white smile, and his bicep? THESE are the types of Black Men I want to see in porn. He’s damn near perfect. He reminds me of Apollo, who was on when he fucked Damien Crosse. Both of these black studs are tall, muscled, have gorgeous skin tone, […]


Straight Guy Fucks Francesco D’Macho at Staghomme Studios (18 Images)


This is the third video in this series!! So here we are again, seeing one of my favorite pornstars getting fucked by a straight man. But here, the action is better than before; the guy is blindfolded this time. And not only that, but you get to see it from not only a hidden cam, […]

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