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Shane Frost, Steven Daigle and John Magnum Have A Sports Threesome at Dominic Ford (15 Images)


Wrestling has to be the gayest (read: hottest) sport there is. See these hott wrestling shots after the jump. And thank goodness spring time (wrestling season) is around the corner. If I could go back to high school, I’d definitely be more athletic and would definitely take up more sports, like wrestling. Thank goodness it’s […]

You’ll Never Believe What Happens When John Magnum Fucks Tristan in the Staircase (12 Images)


OMG this set is hilarious!! Check it out after the jump! So I know some of you like Public Sex. And John Magnum fucks Tristan in a stairway.They get caught by some random woman, and another man.It’s quite hilarious to see the looks on everyone’s faces when they get caught. So tell me…does public sex […]

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Adam Killian Fucks John Magnum at Lucas Entertainment (13 Images)

John Magnum's bubble butt | Gay Porn Fanatic's blog

This is interesting. Usually, you see Adam Killian on the bottom, and John Magnum on the top. But today, they changed places. Which was another MARVELOUS idea from Michael Lucas. I’ve always known John Magnum had a fabulous ass. But seeing Adam Killian‘s fuckstick in it really showcases it perfectly. Plus you know what I […]

John Magnum Fucks Tucker Vaughn at Suite 703


Does this scene description make sense to anyone else? “Doing his morning getting ready ritual, John Magnum is joined by his brother’s best friend, Tucker Vaughn, in desperate need of a toothbrush. Fortunately, John always has an extra one handy for such occasions as sleep overs. In this case, no sleep over was needed when […]

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John Magnum, Luke Riley, and Kennedy Carter Fuck in “Sanctuary 2” at Hot House


I was kidding! Someone Else’s name is Kennedy Carter. I don’t think you ever see his face though.He’s just a few holes. Just as a kinky bottom should be.Luke Riley and John Magnum treat him like filth, just as they should. I think Luke Riley is weird-looking. DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO HERE!! Studio: Hot House Porn […]