Mutual Jack Off – Marko Lebeau and Vince Lambert

Gay Jack Off

TweetI’m loving me some Marko Lebeau right now. But I mean, what isn’t to love about this bisexual stud? He’s got a furry chest, and some nice nipples. On top of that, I like the fact that he’s a little beefy. More to play with. You know what else there’s more to play with? His […]

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3.23.11 Vince Ferelli Shaves Mitch Branson (VIDEO via @VinceFerelliXXX and @MitchBranson)


TweetWatch these two beautiful muscle studs get into a little shave and flip-flop action after the jump! The other day, a link to this preview was tweeted from Mitch Branson‘s Twitter account. So I checked it out. I knew I was gonna like it before I even hit play, but after I hit play, I […]

Vintage Colt Model Jimmy Pike


TweetDoesn’t that picture just scream “Crawl between my legs and suck it, boy”? I have a friend named Jimmy. And he’s a Pike. But he is not Jimmy Pike. I love 80s porn. Those are the best ones. The thick hair, the mustaches…it’s like you can smell their masculinity through the computer screen. When I […]

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