Owen Powers and Dylan Austin Fuck at Jason Sparks Live

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It’s been a long time since I’ve written about Jason Sparks – the last time was back in 2013, when he was fucking Harley Hutchenson as Harley was sucking his own dick. That doesn’t mean I don’t pay attention though; and this scene from his studio, with Owen Powers and Dylan Austin, intrigued me. If […]

Dad Fucks Son Before Mom Comes Home – (Intergenerational Gay Porn VIDEO)

Intergenerational Gay Porn | Gay Porn Fanatic

What the fuck did I watch? I feel like my brain was fucked after this intergenerational gay porn clip. There was more action in this video than there is a whole college basketball game. Could you IMAGINE if there was a sportscaster giving commentary on this intergenerational gay porn clip? “In goes the daddy. He’s […]