Dad Fucks Son Before Mom Comes Home – (Intergenerational Gay Porn VIDEO)

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What the fuck did I watch? I feel like my brain was fucked after this intergenerational gay porn clip. There was more action in this video than there is a whole college basketball game. Could you IMAGINE if there was a sportscaster giving commentary on this intergenerational gay porn clip? “In goes the daddy. He’s […]

Dale Cooper and Tommy Defendi Flip Flop Fuck


ARE FLIP FLOP FUCK SCENES THE NEXT BIG THING IN GAY PORN?And is the hokey pokey really what it’s all about? These are the questions in life that have ne’er been answered. And answer them, I’ve been trying. I haven’t made too much ground on the hokey pokey situation. “They” say “that’s what it’s all […]

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