VIDEO: Rare 1920s Vintage Gay Porn VIDEO (Part 1)

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FRENCH VINTAGE GAY PORN. SO RISQUÉ. So this vintage gay porn clip is from a circa-1920’s french pornographic film. Gay porn this early is rare. But the french loved all things taboo. I went to an art exhibit detailing French posters from the late 1800s, and artists loved to push boundaries, and draw posters of […]

13 Images of Gay Lovers Arthus and Nico Will Make You Fall In Love


Two of my Twitter Followers, Arthus and Nico, just got some new pictures taken with Ultra Exposed. The studio is based in Fort Lauderdale, where the couple of 7 years splits time. When they’re not enjoying the sun in Fort Lauderdale, they are living in France. Thinking you’ve seen these guys before? You have. Back […]