Interracial Gay Porn – Noel Gives JC A Massage at Southern Strokes PA=1987239&HTML=

And here we see Noel from yesterday in an interracial gay porn scene. So if you remember yesterday, I gushed and gushed and gushed over one of Southern Strokes‘ latest finds, Noel. And I will continue to gush, because I love him. You know I have an obsession with tall guys (I’m also obsessed with […]

Rare 1920s Vintage Gay Porn VIDEO (Part 1)

Rare 1920s Vintage Gay Porn Video Banner small

FRENCH VINTAGE GAY PORN. SO RISQUÉ. So this vintage gay porn clip is from a circa-1920’s french pornographic film. Gay porn this early is rare. But the french loved all things taboo. I went to an art exhibit detailing French posters from the late 1800s, and artists loved to push boundaries, and draw posters of […]