Active Duty’s Brick Shithouse Jeremy Diesel Is What You Need To Get Through The Rest Of The Week (15 Images)

Jeremy Diesel

JEREMY DIESEL IS ONE OF THE HOTTEST MODELS ACTIVE DUTY HAS EVER HAD. It is literally 1000 degrees outside. Marco Blaze was the hottest gay porn star ever. That was the best blowjob ever; I came like 50 loads. We live in this odd world of superlatives. Nothing is JUST how it seems; everything is […]

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The 11 Most Flawlessly 90s Images of Cort Stevens

Cort Stevens THUMBNAIL

Doesn’t matter if you are into All-American boys or not – You were into Cort. Cort Stevens is EVERYONE’S type. And I SERIOUSLY Hate the term “All-American Boy” – We know it typically means tall-white guy, from either the Northeast or Midwest – So kind of cornfed, or looks like he’s totally off a rowing […]

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