19-Year-Old High School Student Jerks It at Lukas Kazan


I. Just. Want. To. Squeeze. His. Fat. Cheeks. So this is Michele. He’s a 19-year-old high school student. The dumb ones are always hotter anyways. I love his pretty brown eyes. Can you imagine those staring back at you, as your dick is crammed down his throat, and he’s loving every second of it? But […]


3.3.11 Pits


A man’s armpits are his very essence. A man’s pits hold his scent. His pheromones. What attracts us to him the most. Or what repels us. It’s that thing you don’t understand, when you find yourslf suddenly turned on by someone who walks by you. His pheromones ignited the very feelers in your nose, and […]

Corn-Fed Trevor Snow Jacks Off at Randy Blue (14 Images)


You know what? Maybe “Corn-Fed” isn’t such a bad thing. As long as I’ve been conscious of the term, “Corn-Fed” has been an insult, kinda of like “Nigger”. In terms of the fact that they’re both insults. Hmm. Maybe “Corn-fed” could be seen as a compliment.Especially with Trevor Snow. The boy looks so All-American and […]

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Marco Scott Shows Off At Flava Men – Part 2 of 2!


Here’s part 2 of Marco Scott’s sexy series from yesterday!! Marco Scott has a ridiculously sexy cock too. It’s one of the ones that points upwards. You know what that means…built for your pleasure. Unless your innards curve all funny and shit. And then we get to see him cum, and then take a shower. […]

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