Paddy O’Brien And Trenton Ducati Fuck at Men At Play

Paddy O'Brien Fucks Trenton Ducati - Men At Play

Trenton Ducati makes his ‘Men At Play’ debut! Watch these HOT men in suits fuck! If you didn’t know, this is Trenton Ducati‘s Men At Play debut. This is also Paddy O’Brien’s return to Men At Play after over a year (I’m not sure, but I think this may have been one of his last […]

Bryce Star Seduces Mike Martin At Work at Men.Com (4 Images)

Mike Martin Fucks Bryce Star | Gay Porn Blog

Bryce Star is even seducing the boys at work! Don’t we all wish we could be as lucky. I know personally, if I worked with Bryce Star, I don’t ever think I’d get anything accomplished at work. I’d just be stealing glances. Mike Martin is the lucky one out of us all. He’s the on […]

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